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Teehee. Lambo finally realises that he bats for the other team. Now the lemons can begin.


It was a blazing hot day; the cement of the pavements fried any creature unfortunate enough to tread upon it and the convenience stores were filled with parched tourists, unprepared for a typical Italian summer. I had left my suit jacket at home, mainly because it would cook me alive in this weather, and walked along in my black cutoffs and slippers. Colonello had called me and said he was already at the training ground, so hurry the hell up, kora.

"What are you wearing?" Colonello drilled me as soon as I stepped onto the grassy plain.

His random demand killed any rational thought. "What?"

"Do you really expect to be able to fight in slippers?" he asked, pointing at my feet. "Take them off."

I glanced down at my ratty black slippers. I supposed he did have a point. With an inaudible sigh, I kicked them off and the underside of my feet burned as they came into contact with the dry, fiery-hot grass. I hissed and skipped from foot to foot.

I complained, "Shit, but it's hot. Can't I keep them on?"

"I'm not training you if you're wearing slippers, kora. I don't want you breaking your ankle," he stated.

He turned away and I pulled a face, hesitantly placing both of my feet on the hellish ground. I grit my teeth as my skin began to melt off my feet and forced myself to keep them there so that I'd become accustomed to the temperature.

"What are you standing around for? Start warming up," he ordered me. At his command, I reluctantly launched into a series of stretches.

I bet Fon didn't treat I-Pin like this, Fon was such a calm, considerate man. I bet he never ordered her around and probably offered her tea before every training session. I bet he worried about her pushing herself too hard and constantly advised her not to push herself too hard, I bet he encouraged her every time she did something right and even when she didn't, I bet he told her at least you tried your best. Colonello, on the other hand-

As I began stretching my hamstrings, a flurry of movement caught my eye. I instantly glanced in its direction and stared.

Colonello was peeling off his white wifebeater. The flimsy white fabric slid over his hard, defined shoulders and over his toned arms, the corded muscles in his back flexing as his tan skin shimmered with sweat.

His voice rumbled, "Do you remember the drills I made you do last time?"

Maybe I had remembered them thirty seconds ago, but my brain had combusted at the sight of all his bare toned flesh. "Sort of."

"Do the ones you can remember, kora."

I sluggishly sank into a neutral stance.

"Don't spread your legs so wide," he barked. "They're meant to be shoulder-width apart."

I readjusted my feet. The grass burned the balls of my feet and toes. His tan skin shimmered with sweat.

I inhaled deeply before throwing a punch forwards, hearing it whistle past my ear satisfactorily. I repeated the action, again and again, again and again-

Two large hands closed around my hips and hot air spiralled against my jaw line. My body went completely rigid. He was standing mere millimetres away from me. He was half-naked. He was touching me.

My mind went into overdrive: no homo, no homo, no homo-

His murmur caressed the shell of my ear, "Punch again."


I punched forwards. As I did so, he forced my right hip forwards and pressed my left one back against him. He explained, "Your hips are too stiff, kora. When you punch, turn your hips and throw your body weight behind it. Your hits will be more powerful."

His hands warmed me through my shirt. "O-okay."

His fingertips accidentally dragged against the fabric of my cow-print shirt as he separated himself from me, sinking onto the picnic table a few metres away. He leaned backwards and I got a good look at his torso for the very first time. I openly ogled him. The man must have been airbrushed to perfection.

My burning feet reminded me that I needed to continue with my exercises. Between the distraction of the scorching hot ground and the potential Abercrombie & Fitch model sitting less than a stone's throw away from me, I was finding it incredibly hard to concentrate. Sometimes, Colonello would lean this way and his stomach would tense for a fraction of a second, other times he'd lean that way and his Herculean arms would flex.

After a couple of hours of monotonous exercises and painful soft-core pornography, he called out, "We're going to spar."

I'd been expecting this, but that hadn't lessened the dread. My bruises were still smarting from the last session we'd had (and this time he was half naked and toned and-) I gritted my teeth, lowering my fists to my sides. Colonello bent over the picnic table as he rifled through his bag for something and produced a water bottle. My heart sank to my stomach as I predicted what would come next:

He poured it all over his torso.

His lips parted as he took a deep breath in. The water dripped from locks of his blonde hair and clung to his tanned skin as it trickled down reluctantly. He shook his head and gasped, sunlight catching the droplets and blinding me temporarily. He turned to me, sapphire eyes glowing as they anticipated the impending fight.

My concentration level dropped instantly.

"Let's begin," he called out, his rough voice grinding against every nerve.

He lunged forwards and I stepped backwards in the nick of time, dodging his hit. He threw a punch and I ducked beneath it, my arms lashing out to grab his arm and lock it in place. Colonello drew his arm back and then his six-pack gleamed.

God, he was so pretty-

His stomach kick threw me to the other side of the training ground. I coughed as I rose slowly in pain, but he had already smashed his fist into the side of my face. I somehow managed to roll away as he tried to hit me again and wrapped my legs around his knees, yanking as hard as I could. He immediately fell to the ground and I had the upper hand, clambering to my feet as I threw a punch forwards.

Colonello grabbed my fist mid-throw and twisted it to the left, so I followed through with a second punch. He caught that as well and yanked me down to the ground alongside him, reversing our positions and locking our legs together. His hands wrapped around my right shin and he began to push it up so that my knee nearly touched my head. I hissed as a searing pain raced up the length of my leg and I threw my head back against the hot grass, my vision blurring.

"What are you doing? You should be able to break out of this, kora," Colonello said sharply, punctuating his words with slight squeezes.

I ground my teeth together viciously and looked back down at the predicament I'd become entangled in. I couldn't see any way out- all I could see was Colonello's gleaming abdomen and the droplets of water as they dripped onto my chest, one by one. I swallowed, averting my eyes immediately.

His rough voice filled the space between us. "Lambo, hurry up."

Reacting completely on instinct, I curled my arms around his and threw my body weight upwards, pushing with my free leg. Colonello swore loudly and released my trapped leg, but it was too late. I called out in pain as I pulled my hamstring, but managed to break out of his hold anyways.

"What the hell were you thinking? I taught you different ways to break out of a hold like that, why did you take the idiot's route?" he demanded as I slumped over my injured leg.

"Fuck," I hissed under my breath. "I don't know- I wasn't thinking."

He kneeled down and his hands closed around my ankle. "You haven't been doing that all day today, your concentration's all over the place, kora. Tell me when it hurts."

His thumbs began to climb up the length of my leg, over my ankle, beneath my trouser sleeve, over my shin. Over my knee. Over my thigh. Colonello added pressure to his thumbs and massaged my skin as he began to slow-slowly work his way up. I forced myself to stare at his hands and nothing else, even though he was a hair's breadth away from me. He found a spot that made every hair on my body stand straight on end and my lips parted as I sucked air in desperately, the sensation flooding through my nervous system. The pain dizzied me for a second and I balled my hands, tearing up grass roots as I did so.

I arched instinctively. "There- right there-"

Instead of immediately releasing his hand, he continued to torture that spot by pressing harder, harder. His fingers traced over the muscles in my leg and I wanted to throw him off, wanted to get away from the pain and his godly physique. With a little sigh, he told me, "You've pulled your hamstring, kora. We're going to have to get you to Shamal."

I pointed out, "Shamal won't help me, I'm not female."

"He'll help you," he said, with a note of finality.

I glared back down at my leg. It still hurt like a bitch and I guess Colonello could read my face like a book.

He began, "Lambo, I can't train you if you're not concentrating. You couldn't remember half the drills I taught you and you clearly weren't thinking when you tried to break out of my hold on you, kora. When you don't concentrate, it just leads to stupid injuries like this one-"

"It's your fault I can't concentrate!" I blurted furiously.

An awkward silence fell between us.

"…what?" he asked, truly confused.

I'd really put my foot in it now. I mumbled, "It doesn't matter."

"How is it my fault you can't concentrate, kora?" he pressed me.

"I said, it doesn't matter," I raised my voice, beginning to rise gingerly to my feet.

He forced me back down. "Lambo. What do you mean?"

"I'll sort it out by next session. I'll be fine, as long as it's not a hot day."

"The heat's getting to you?"

I snapped defensively, "Of course not! I'm used to this weather, I've lived in Italy all my life and it's never bothered me before. It's just that you need to…"

"I need to what?"

"You need to put a fucking shirt on!"

Silence fell.

"…it's distracting," I added lamely.

Colonello stared at me for a couple of seconds, flabbergasted. I didn't think many people could shock an Arcobaleno and instead of revelling in my accomplishment, I felt like crawling to the core of the earth. His hand tightened around my leg for a split second and biting pain ripped through my body, I moaned as my eyes slid shut.

Then Colonello let go so fast that I hardly noticed until he was halfway across the training field. He slipped on his shirt without another word.


Later that night, my mind whirred at the speed of light as it tried to make sense of the situation earlier. I could barely make out the ceiling in the infectious darkness, but stared straight ahead anyway as I lay in my bed. The smooth sheets, plushy mattress and soft pillow weren't enough to coax me to sleep, if anything, they were distracting. I hadn't moved in the past hour and a half.

"I-Pin?" I called out hesitantly.

There was no reply.

I asked, "Are you awake?"


My stomach stuck in my throat and I couldn't force the words past it. My heart thickened and became too heavy for my body, it felt as though it would drop to the ground at any moment. I swallowed and my throat reluctantly cleared.

"I think I'm gay," I confessed to her in a small, small voice.

Silence fell.

"Well, now I'm awake," she muttered.

There was a rustle of fabric as she sat up in bed and the two of us stared at our feet through the blankets, both uncertain of what to say next.

"You're sure?" she questioned.

"I don't know. I mean, I'm pretty sure I still like women."

"Then you're a greedy bisexual bastard."

"Yare, yare. You could be a little more sympathetic, you bitch."

"Why do you think you like men anyways?"

"Well, I don't really think I should say-"

"Say it."

"…I get hard around Colonello."

"Wow. Maybe I shouldn't have asked."

"Fuck you."

"So this – um - occurrence only happens around Colonello? I don't think that's enough evidence to come to the conclusion that you like men in general."

"There was- one other thing."


"I saw Gokudera and Yamamoto having sex and it really turned me on."

Silence followed.

"You know what I-Pin, just forget I said anything. Maybe it wasn't Gokudera. Maybe it was just a girl with short silver hair-"

"Shut up. Just shut up."


She ventured, "Are you going to do anything about it?"

"Gokudera and Yamamoto fucking? I don't think there's anything I really can do about it, they seemed pretty into each other-"


"Throwing that lamp at me was completely unnecessary. No, I'm not going to do anything about Colonello. What could I do? He's so strict and he pisses me off. And I'm sure he hates me anyways."

"I'm sure he doesn't hate you."

"Yeah, well he's a total ass during training sessions. He criticises everything I do and has no sense of humour. He doesn't laugh at any of my jokes. It's so demoralising."

"And you still like him?"

"I never said I liked him. I hate him. He's probably straight anyways. I just think he's really hot."

"That's weird though. I've talked to Colonello a few times and he's always come off as a really funny and nice guy. I don't get why he's being a dick to you."

"Yeah, well, let's hope you find out before he kills me."


It had been a really bad idea to walk to Reborn's apartment. My leg burned with every step I took (even Shamal's legendary treatment couldn't take away the pain) and I was well and truly shattered by the time I reached the building.

As I raised my hand to punch in 7-C, a mechanical beep alerted me that the door to the complex was opening. My face brightened immediately. This could be the day that I finally snuck my way into Reborn's building, the day that I tore down his apartment door and got a good look at my nemesis' evil lair-

I froze as I came face to face with Colonello.

The door slammed shut behind him.

Colonello folded his arms (oh god, his arms) over his chest and stared at me expectantly. I could feel the sweat breaking out across my forehead and my mouth was suddenly as dry as a desert. I didn't know what to say to him. I couldn't say anything to him.

"What are you doing here, Lambo?" he demanded.

His condescending tone broke my enchantment. I scoffed, "What I always do. I'm keeping tabs on my archenemy, Reborn."

He raised an eyebrow. "Archenemy or no archenemy, Shamal told you that you shouldn't be putting strain on your leg for a couple of days. You should be at home resting, kora."

"My leg's perfectly fine," I insisted, ignoring the incriminating throb of my thigh.

"Lambo, you're limping."

"I'm only pretending to limp. Invalids get special treatment, in particular, half off all flavours at the gelato store."

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Lambo, if you're not going to go home, I'll force you back myself."

I blurted, "What? You can't do that! That's in direct violation of my rights as a citizen, I have my own free will and you can't force me to do anything-"

Another mechanical beep sounded, only this one was laced with an undertone of doom and destruction. On cue, Reborn swept through the doors and into the narrow hallway, his toxic aura choking everything within a kilometre's radius as per usual. Before I had time to blink, Leon had leapt onto my chest and clung to me protectively.

"My neighbours are complaining. If you want to shriek at each other, kindly do it somewhere else," Reborn stated.

I blurted, "I'm not shrieking-"

An unknown voice from up above in the apartment complex shouted, "Stop shrieking!"

"God, I didn't think your minions lived in your building," I muttered darkly to Reborn.

I started as a sudden warmth engulfed my elbow and glanced down in surprise, finding that Colonello's fingers were wrapped around it. He put another hand on my shoulder, looking up at Reborn. "I was just about to take Lambo home, kora."

If Leon could have spat and screamed, he would have. Instead, his tail lashed out like a whip and smacked Colonello against the knuckles, once, twice. He left massive red welts in Colonello's tanned hand.

I stared down at Leon in shock. He trotted easily to my shoulder and viciously shoved Colonello's hand off. Then he settled in the crook of my neck guiltlessly, draping his tail around my shoulders and staring at Colonello.

Reborn shared his partner's unreadable expression. "You should just make the cow walk back on his own."

Colonello's eyes flickered in irritation. "Shamal said he shouldn't put pressure on his hamstring."

"Since when have you actually taken any of Shamal's advice?" Reborn raised an eyebrow.

"I just don't want him to hurt himself more than he already has, kora," Colonello explained.

They were talking like I wasn't even there. My mouth curled upwards into a snarl.

Reborn continued, "Your job isn't to mother him. Your job is to train him to be an assassin."

"He's delaying our training sessions because of his own negligence to look after himself," Colonello retorted, "I can't train him if he insists on being an idiot-"

And though it was immature, and though it put my pulled hamstring through complete hell, I stormed off into the distance.

Colonello called after me, "Lambo! Get back here-"

"Fuck you!" I shouted back at him.

Leon snickered against my neck gleefully.


With a loud sigh, I deposited myself at the base of the Spanish Steps, staring at my hands. Leon cautiously crawled down the length of my arm and seated himself in my joined palms, looking up at me questioningly.

"Do you think you'd help me kill Reborn?" I asked him.

Leon morphed into a flower. What a pacifist.

"What about Colonello?"

He instantly morphed into a gun.


Next chapter preview : further proposals

I should have immediately shoved off the vaguely familiar man snogging the daylights out of me, but my raging libido held me in check. This was nothing like kissing a girl, a girl had soft, pillowy curves and smooth skin. A girl had plump, full lips and hands like downy feathers. The man kissing me was hard in every way possible, the dripping toned muscles pinning me to the ground were definitely testament to that. His hands were rough against my skin, dragging against my cheeks like sandpaper.

It had became horribly clear to me that I preferred having a man's tongue shoved down my throat than a woman's.



Thanks to alguien22792, Dragonist, orangesky3, Simca, Nimbiose, for questions/inspiration for questions. Thank you to everyone who is still reading ahoshi! as well as those of you who reviewed, you make my world go around.

Do you write outlines for your stories, or do you just go with the flow?
I tend to plan out my stories very loosely in my head and I write down a basic skeleton of what's going to happen in my ywriter5. If you're serious about writing, I highly recommend you get the programme; it's free and it helps you stay super organised. In terms of ahoshi!, I know what's going to happen in the next three chapters, what's going to come several chapters later and what's going to happen at the very end. I also know a lot about the smexeh scenes, mainly because I'm having more fun than I should be writing them.

Your chapters seem to be quite balanced. Do they follow a certain structure?
Um, well, my goal for every chapter is to have Lambo interact at least once with:

1. Colonello/Reborn/Both
2. I-Pin/Fuuta
3. Another character allied with or from the Vongola Famiglia

I think I've done pretty well so far- I skipped out on the third in this chapter but this was pretty fast paced and I didn't want to slow it down with more interaction. I like the way this structure works though, and it's fun to show Lambo's relationship with more than just the people closest to him.

Is there going to be any Reborn X Lambo in this fic?
Yes, there definitely will be. I kind of wanted to focus on Colonello's relationship with Lambo for a couple more chapters though. Don't worry, Reborn and Lambo's relationship will suddenly boom into existence and I will be incredibly happy. I've planned both the beginning of their romantic relationship and their first smexeh scene, so don't feel like I've neglected Reborn.

Why does Lambo always go to Reborn for help?
The big difference between Reborn and any of the other members of the Vongola Famiglia is that Reborn has always treated Lambo like an adult. Sure, Reborn treats him like shit and ignores him a hell of a lot, but Reborn does that to anyone he believes isn't worth his time whether they be five years old or sixty seven. Although Reborn doesn't treat Lambo like an equal, the only person he really regards as his equal is Colonello.

Is Colonello the mystery woman Reborn keeps going to see?
DINGALINGALING! I love you for asking this question, Dragonist. You are completely on the money, yes, Colonello is Reborn's mystery woman. This will be explained later on.

Is this going to be a love triangle or a three-way relationship?
You know, initially, I wanted this to be a love triangle. I'm getting so attached to all three characters though, so I think I am going to make this a three-way relationship. Reborn and Colonello are mature enough to share with one another. I think. (IMAGINE HOW HOT THE RIVALRY WOULD BE.)

Will Lambo always be uke? Or will he get a shot at seme?
Ahahaha, the idea of sixteen year old Lambo topping a beast like Colonello or an ice queen like Reborn actually makes me laugh. No, Lambo will not top anyone in this fic. If I do however go ahead with the sequel I'm planning to make to this, yes, he will get a shot at seme.

Yeah, I am planning on making a sequel to ahoshi!. It's going to be really short though, maybe three or four chapters long, and it will be set 20!YL. Yes, Lambo will top one of two incredibly lucky men. I think he deserves his THE TABLES HAVE BEEN TURNED, MOTHABITCH moment.

Are Reborn and Colonello bisexual?
Colonello is. Reborn isn't.

Is Lambo going to have sex with both Colonello and Reborn?
YES. Definitely. (Chiu, you think I'd write this fic and not let that happen?) In fact, he has sex with both of them. At the same time. I know this, because I have WRITTEN THE SCENE. I'm in a state of total happiness. Wow, I need to go out and get laid.

What can we expect of your lemons?
Lambo is a complete and utter slut. Be prepared, aff/livejournal readers.

Is Lambo going to get laid in the next chapter?
There is a high chance of something sexual happening. In other words, anyone really interested should keep their eyes peeled for the uncensored adultfanfiction/livejournal copies of this fic.

Oh, so you fixed the adultfanfiction net situation?
Yes, I did. The next chapter will be censored here on ff net, but I'll be posting the uncensored version to both adultfanfiction net and my livejournal. So I'm just going to party all the time, and drink all day. I don't know why I threw in that song reference, it had no place there. Whoa, it's nearly two in the morning. That's why. Hahahaha. Wow, I'm babbling. I'm going to go to sleep now.

Thank you for reading, and please drop me a review if you have any further questions or just want to let me know if I'm doing something wrong/right.


- selandora


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Oct. 1st, 2010 01:02 pm (UTC)
I love how Leon is adorably protective in this fic and I'm also glad that this will end in a threesome. You'll be writing a sequel to this too? Gosh, that is going to be awesome.
Oct. 2nd, 2010 06:36 am (UTC)
haha, leon loves lambo to death. i secretly think he's planned out reborn and lambo's wedding and is gearing up to assassinate colonello.

haha, yeah it'll be set 20!YL so that'll be oodles of fun. :) i'm still trying to figure out how i can write a mature lambo though haha.

thanks for reading and commenting!

- selandora
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Oct. 2nd, 2010 06:33 am (UTC)
haha, it actually surprises me that a lot of people seem to love leon. he seems to steal everyone's thunder.

thanks for reading and commenting!
Oct. 2nd, 2010 10:35 pm (UTC)
I really enjoy your characterization. And I don't blame Lambo for finding Colonello distracting in the slightest. Oh. not at all...

much enjoyed!
Oct. 2nd, 2010 11:23 pm (UTC)
heehee. i would've jumped him immediately.

thanks for reading and commenting!
Oct. 17th, 2010 09:40 pm (UTC)
I just want to ask you where you've been all my life. Because you like Colonello/Reborn/Lambo and I thought I was the only one AND Inception AND Kingdom Hearts AND Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. So I think I might have to marry you now.
Oct. 18th, 2010 03:08 am (UTC)
when do you want to get married? i'll arrange a date. :)
Nov. 3rd, 2010 03:37 pm (UTC)
Oh dear lord.

This fic.

I love you for this oh my gooood 8(

lmao I lurk your ff.net...but now I can stalk you here
Nov. 12th, 2010 01:55 pm (UTC)
Just bumped into your fic today and I'm totally in love. Can't wait to read more!
Nov. 23rd, 2010 02:40 am (UTC)
I'm going to do that quote comment thing cause THIS IS TOO GOOD TOO PASS UP:

"…it's distracting," I added lamely.
AND I CRIED LAUGHING. SO BLUNT. God I love the way you portray Lambo, just LOVE <3

"Then you're a greedy bisexual bastard."

LEON IS SO FIESTY holy crap, what a cat. SO SPUNKY ARGAHH *wants*

OH LOVE TRIANGLES. but they're so fun and we all know it <3

Please please update! Man I feel so guilty I didn't check on your journals sooner! ;_;
AND I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING SO FAR. Your speed is perfect!
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